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    The essential survival gear

    The “essential” survival gear is whatever you can use to get water, shelter, and food.  In a survival situation these are the most important things.With food, water, shelter, fire, first aid, proper clothing, and a way to navigate you should be able to survive and even thrive in the outdoors. Just remember that there are no second chances, no repair shops, no doctors in a survival situation so always go for quality and durability when
    buying survival gear.

    Food & Water
    Water is the most important thing in a survival situation. One of the cheapest and simplest is water purification tablets. Of course, you must have something to hold water in though so make sure you bring at least a cup if not a canteen. Another option is the somewhat newly created micro-filter portable water filtration systems. These are often more expensive but the other option is to simply have a way to create a fire and boil water. One extremely simple way to do this that can be useful in the
    outdoors is a micro outdoor stove with chemical heating tablets. You can survive for many days without food but you’ll also need food to keep you
    going. One essential survival food item in my opinion is bouillon cubes. These contain a lot of salts and sodium and are extremely small. Just bring a handful with you and they can make a great pick me up when added to your water as a sort of soup. There are also plenty of survival food bars and kits you can get. One friend of mine always brought dog food because he knew he wouldn’t be tempted to snack on it and it would be there in a survival situation unlike trail mix or power bars. It is also important to keep in mind that the food must be non-perishable food. Canned food
    isn’t practical as it’s too heavy. It is recommended to look for meals ready to eat, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and other food items you can carry with ease.

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