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    The essential survival gear

    The “essential” survival gear is whatever you can use to get water, shelter, and food.  In a survival situation these are the most important things.With food, water, shelter, fire, first aid, proper clothing, and a way to navigate you should be able to survive and even thrive in the outdoors. Just remember that there are no second chances, no repair shops, no doctors in a survival situation so always go for quality and durability when buying survival gear. Food & Water Water is the most important thing in a survival situation. One of the cheapest and simplest is water purification tablets. Of course, you must have something to hold water in though so make sure you bring at least a cup if not a canteen….

    How to survive living on your own


    Complete self-sufficiency is difficult in today’s world. Some may even believe they are totally off grid right now but may not be. You may say you have a solar, hydro or wind turbine system in place, but these systems will require maintenance and unless you have stockpiled any replaceable parts and can service the systems yourself then you will need a qualified service technician. You will need materials from manufacturers and supplies from the local store, things you cannot produce or make yourself If the country collapsed tomorrow, you would have to exchange things so the case that you never need anyone for anything is just not realistic. Find Alternatives to Utilities Supplied By Your Local Authorities In many cases you will find you need a backup system for your backup system such as wind or…