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    How to survive a Tornado


    Tornadoes carry winds up to 480 km/h–winds that can level buildings and carry cars through the air 25 m or more–they are also often accompanied by lightning, heavy rains (and flash floods), and hail.

    * At the first sign of a tornado, or if a tornado warning has been issued, stop whatever you’re doing and seek appropriate shelter immediately, even if you don’t see a tornado.
    * If you can’t get to a shelter or even a basement, designate a safe place near the center of your home. Consider an indoor closet or location under the staircase
    – someplace away from windows.
    * Stay low and cover your head.
    * Make a list and gather useful items, such as :
    * Water (1 gallon/person/day)
    * Food (3 days non-perishables)
    * Can opener/kitchen accessories
    * Battery-operated radio
    * Flashlight with Extra batteries
    * First aid kit
    * Hand cleaner
    * Whistle
    * Gloves
    * Extra clothing
    * Warm/dry outerwear
    * Place emergency supply kit in safe room
    * Credit cards
    * Extra keys
    * Money
    * Certificates
    * Driver’s license
    * Social Security cards
    * Passports
    * Wills
    * Insurance
    * Account numbers
    * Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
    * Fire extinguisher use
    * Have full tank of gas if evacuation likely.
    * Be familiar with alternate routes out of the area.

    Remain in your shelter until the danger of tornadoes has passed. If possible, listen for the news from the local radio or TV. Keep in mind that multiple tornadoes often form in an area, and it may not be safe to leave shelter even after one tornado has passed.

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