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    How to live through a Tsunami

    This is a rough guide for someone who lives in a Tsunami Zone, where there is a bigger possibility to be hit by a Tsunami. It can happen after an earthquake and depending on where you in relation to the epicenter of the earthquake the intensity may be differentThe further you are from the earthquake the more time you have to prepare. If you are near the waves and the water pulls away you must immediately leave as far as you can.
    The safest zones are usually high grounds away from the water’s edge.

    Curiosity always kills the cat, so do not approach until you are told it is safe. Basic things for your survival include a portable radio, first aid kit, food, water and personal items and documents that you may prepare in another time, so that you are ready as soon as the earthquake happens. You can also take the first-aid course if you feel like it.

    As soon as you understand that an earthquake has happened and the tsunami is about to begin, you must keep off dangerous zones and don’t even go home if it is in these zones. Listening to the radio is a good idea so as to keep up with the latest news and information.

    Don’t go to “check up” on the damages, because a new wave may come unexpectedly. Of course if there are persons nearby that need help and you can help them without exposing yourself to danger, you may help them, especially if you have taken the first-aid course or if you are trained to do so. Do not approach around buildings by the water because they may collapse from the weakened structure.

    Be careful not to drink water or food that is near the flooded waters, for it may not be clean and safe to do so.

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