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    A typical go bag

    What is a go bag? A bag with essentials for a case of an emergency. It is used for earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and similar disasters. Let’s take a look at what it usually consists of.

    Not every pack will have all these items. You’ll need to decide what you want. Remember that if it’s too heavy this will slow you down and you might not be able to move around

    These may include insurance papers, important files, and maybe some family photographs. It is better if you can put all of this on a disc or external drive from your computer so you will have more space in your bag.

    Water and Food
    A person needs about a gallon of water per day but it may be difficult to carry, so you might want to include water purification tablets too so you can purify stream and lake water for drinking. In terms of food you need non-perishable food.. Look for meals ready to eat, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and other food items that are not too heavy

    Radio and Batteries
    Having a good radio requires also to have batteries with you. Your cellphone battery may also die, so a charger might be an option too as well as a small charged laptop to power the cellphone for some time. A flashlight as well as extra batteries will be well needed.

    First Aid Kit
    You will want a good first-aid kit and taking a first-aid course is a good idea. Make sure you also have whistle so you can call for help if you get injured yourself and need assistance.

    A small tool kit with a wrench and other small hardware tools is essential. A can opener too and a knife will be needed. A map of the area is a good option as well as a compass. Camping supplies are essential as well. A dust mask in case there’s debris in the air might be useful. You should also include duct tape, garbage bags, and plastic ties.

    Personal items
    If you take medication often you should consider putting them in your bag, as well as an extra set of glasses if you need them . If you have children you’ll also need items for them too. Your bag should also have small travel size personal hygiene items that will do for several days.

    If you live in a cold climate a sleeping bag and even a tent will be useful. An extra pair of shoes with steel toe boots is essential as there may be a lot of debris around.

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